The online gambling platform ZKasino has faced recent controversy over accusations that they mismanaged user funds. In response, they’ve offered refunds within 72 hours to users who deposit Ether cryptocurrency. However, some key questions and concerns remain, as this information came from an unofficial source, not from ZKasino itself we’ve known.

Previously, authorities had gotten involved when it was discovered that $30 million in user deposits were moved in ways that went against ZKasino’s stated commitments. Now, while ZKasino claims integrity, distrust continues given the short refund window and lack of clarity around earned staking rewards.

The project first raised skepticism back in March, when a promoted “Bridge-to-Earn” program didn’t provide promised returns on locked up deposits as claimed. This fueled scam accusations.

Anyway, we can say that the situation with ZKasino is still developing. Their latest move seems to bring up more questions than answers. Cryptocurrency experts advise investors to watch out for discrepancies and shady behavior to avoid potential problems.

Author - Cole Smith

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