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fees: Lower compared to Bitcoin, market-determined purpose: Decentralized
security: Cryptographically secure anonymity: Pseudonymous, public ledger
inception: August 1, 2017 scalability: Improved block size limit to allow for more transactions per second
decentralization: Decentralized, operates on P2P network consensus mechanism: Proof of work (mining)
average transaction time: 10 minutes on average

Increasingly, the best online casinos offer cryptocurrencies to replenish the balance or make payments to their users. One of the digital coins that provides high confidentiality of the owner, reliability and security of transactions is BCH. If you want to find the Best Bitcoin Cash casino online, then try to choose from the top 10 sites that we have selected for you on this page. All of them guarantee a reliable and safe game on their platforms, and also accept BCH as a payment method.

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

bitcoin cash casino

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) created in 2017, separating from the BTC blockchain and forming a new and independent cryptocurrency. This happened due to the fact that many representatives of the BTC community advocated that the block size should be increased in order to speed up transactions and improve the quality of cryptocasino use.

BCH is a decentralized digital coin, like most other cryptocurrencies. Decentralization prevents central banks and governments from blocking deposit transactions using this digital coin. Thus, this payment method helps gamblers from different countries to replenish their balance, including in cases when other options are not suitable for this.

How Do Bitcoin Cash Casinos Work?

Bitcoin Cash Casinos are those sites that offer BCH as a payment method. Usually these are modern gambling platforms where users have access not only to traditional options for conducting transactions (credit/debit cards, electronic wallets, bank transfers), but also cryptocurrencies. Such online casinos ensure high confidentiality of their customers, and BCH allows players to quickly replenish their account and withdraw winnings.

Deposit to an Bitcoin Cash

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If you have previously used BTC to top up your online casino account, then you will not have any problems replenishing your balance using the BCH casino payment method. The basic principles remain the same:

  • You must have a digital wallet;
  • There should be money on it;
  • You must have an account in an online casino that accepts this digital coin for payment.

If all these conditions are met, then you can proceed with the procedure of replenishing the balance:

  • Log in to the site where you play BCH games;
  • Go to Banking options and select the Deposit tab;
  • Select Bitcoin Cash casino payment method to make a transaction;
  • The generated wallet address for sending funds will appear on the screen — copy it or scan it with your device;
  • Open the digital wallet on your device and select the option to send funds;
  • Specify the address you copied earlier and confirm the transaction.

Usually the money is credited to the account within 10 minutes.

Withdraw From a Bitcoin Cash

There are more and more sites on the Internet where you can play casino games with Bitcoin Cash. This payment method guarantees reliable, secure and fast transactions, both when depositing and withdrawing funds. You will be able to get your money quickly by going through just a few mandatory steps when making a payment request from an online casino:

  • Log in to your account on the gambling site and go to the Cashier;
  • Select Withdrawal tab;
  • Pick BCH casino payment method;
  • Write the transaction amount and the address of your wallet;
  • Confirm the operation and wait for the funds to arrive. Usually the transaction itself takes a few minutes, but much more time can be spent on the process of confirming the transfer from the online casino.

Safety and Security

BCH has preserved the basic BTC blockchain platform, optimizing it from the point of view of security. This is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has first-class encryption capabilities and does not require the input of personal information by individual payers. Using the BCH casino payment method, you can count on the most comfortable and secure process of processing and conducting transactions.

Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin Cash

play casino games with bitcoin cash

Like any payment method that can be used in an online casino, Bitcoin Cash has its advantages and disadvantages. We have prepared a comparative analysis of them for you, which will help you make a deliberate decision about using the BCH casino payment method to finance your online gambling activities.


  • Small fees. You will be charged almost no commission when using the BCH casino payment option. At the same time, you can, if you wish, increase the fee amount if you want to receive your funds even faster;
  • Fast transactions. Transactions using Bitcoin Cash are carried out faster than transactions with Bitcoin. Therefore, you will be able to get your funds faster;
  • High anonymity. BCH identifies transactions only by wallet addresses, but not by their owners. If you do not compromise yourself, then your anonymity will be preserved;
  • Lack of control over financial institutions. You can conduct transactions using BCH in offshore online casinos, even if this type of gambling is not encouraged in your country.


  • Volatility. Like any cryptocurrency, BCH is subject to market fluctuations, so your bankroll may be in a daily fever;
  • Low availability. It is accepted for payment in a much smaller number of online casinos than the same Bitcoin;
  • You may lose money. The danger of using cryptocurrencies lies in the fact that the owner of the wallet is not immune from mistakes. If you make a mistake in the address of sending funds, you will lose them. It is also important to monitor the safety of private keys for accessing the wallet.

FAQ — BCH Casino

Best Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency Wallets

Gamblers who would like to purchase Bitcoin Cash must first decide on a wallet on which they will safely and securely store coins. There are different types of such wallets, which differ in cost, functionality and type. Carefully study all the parameters before opening the wallet: Ledger Nano S Plus Wallet. This is a hardware wallet, which is considered the most reliable. It is a small electronic gadget that connects to a computer or laptop to transfer coins. The gadget can be hidden and stored in a place inaccessible to other people; Atomic Wallet. This is a desktop wallet, for downloading and installing which you do not have to pay money for. It has an internal cryptocurrency exchange, and the wallet itself supports 130+ coins; Coinbase Wallet. Coinbase is a famous cryptocurrency exchange that also has its own wallet for desktop and mobile devices. It is considered one of the most popular and reliable in the industry.

How Do I Purchase Bitcoin Cash?

It is not difficult to purchase Bitcoin Cash to use it for online gambling. You can use different ways to buy BCH, thanks to the great popularity of this cryptocurrency. So, among these options there are bank cards and bank transfers. In addition, it is possible to use online exchanges for the exchange of digital coins. For example, you can exchange ETH for BCH.

Is Bitcoin Cash Better Than Bitcoin?

This is an individual choice. Both BTC and Bitcoin Cash are reliable cryptocurrencies that provide secure transactions and high confidentiality of wallet owners. However, if we talk about online gambling, even though BCH is not so popular and widespread on the site as a payment method, it has its advantages over BTC. The main one is a higher transaction speed, which entails lower fees for their execution.
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