Payments company Trustly, which does a lot of business with gaming sites, just bought another payments company called SlimPay. They first announced they were going to merge back in August, and they finally got all the legal stuff squared away with the regulators in France.

The idea here is Trustly wants to totally change the recurring payments game across Europe. We're talking subscriptions, utilities, insurance — anything people pay for regularly. Trustly sees Open Banking as a way to make those payments way smoother. And with SlimPay's client list and tech combined with Trustly's reach, they'll be able to offer a great recurring payments solution all over Europe.

Trustly's CEO said that it will be a game-changer for recurring payments. SlimPay's CEO agreed, saying that together they'll be able to innovate recurring payment systems and support more big global brands.

This ties into some other stuff Trustly is doing to make payments an easier, more personalized experience for peeps. Adding SlimPay to the mix means they'll be able to simplify subscriptions even more across Europe.

Author - Cole Smith

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