In a commendable achievement, TG.Casino, operating on the Telegram platform, has amassed over $400,000 during its initial funding round. This signifies the robust investor confidence in its vision.

Setting its sights on becoming Telegram’s top-tier casino hub, TG.Casino distinguishes itself by being among the few fully certified operations on Telegram. It merges safety with user-centric design, promising an intuitive gaming experience.

TG.Casino operates with a capped 100m token system. The distribution entails 40% for the initial sale, 20% each for staking perks and exchange liquidity, with the remainder assigned for player incentives, partnership programs, and promotional activities.

The gaming cryptocurrency's pre-sale witnessed a rapid ascent, accumulating a striking $140,000 soon after its September 21 kick-off and nearing $290,000 within a week.

Players can avail themselves of a lavish 200% bonus up to 10 Bitcoin tokens, a notable proposition given Bitcoin's current value. Alongside this, TG.Casino boasts a comprehensive gaming suite, from sports wagering to immersive casino experiences.

Author - Cole Smith

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