SCCG, a major player in the gaming business, is teaming up with Numb3rs, a smaller company that’s all about payment solutions for gamers. This looks like a sweet match, since Numb3rs has proprietary payment tech called Ecrypt that SCCG will bake into its marketplace. This will give gaming ops some killer options like compliance tools, scam prevention, and alternative payment methods to efficiently handle transactions and payouts.

I chatted with Numb3r’s President Chris Berman, who was pumped about the partnership, saying “We’re stoked to use SCCG’s years in the gaming trenches to spread our financial services to more casinos and sportsbooks.” SCCG CEO Stephen Crystal also sees big potential, saying the partnership will “revolutionize payments for our peeps” and “bring unreal efficiency.” Given SCCG’s huge global gaming connections and Numb3rs’ specialized payment tech, these goals seem doable.

This deal builds on other recent SCCG growth plays, including an expanded collab with SnapOdds to develop consumer sports betting apps. SCCG looks focused on increasing its market dominance.

In summary, this partnership should be win-win. Numb3rs provides slick payment solutions, while SCCG supplies essential industry expertise and connections. Together, they seem well-positioned to own processing services for the casino and broader gaming scene — an encouraging development for both companies.

Author - Cole Smith

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