The payment processor called PayRetailers that’s popular in Latin America just announced they’re expanding into Africa. They’re planning to set up operations in Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia specifically.

Starting in May, people in those countries will be able to use PayRetailers to process payments and more. This is a big move for them to grow their business and partner with more companies across the continent.

Their CEO Juan Pablo Jutgla was excited about the awesome news. He said: “We see major potential here. Every country we expand to opens up new opportunities and partnerships for us. It’s all part of our plan to keep growing and be a major global player.”

Moreover, they aren’t the only ones making moves in Africa right now. We’ve seen other big gaming companies like 3 Oaks Gaming and Super Group setting up operations there recently too. Super Group actually gave a shout-out to their African operations for helping increase their revenue last quarter.

Author - Cole Smith

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