Truthfully, PayNearMe has partnered with Trustly to integrate their Open Banking services. This basically means instant deposits and cashouts for players without the usual hassles. They have connected Trustly’s guaranteed ACH payments into their MoneyLine platform. So now players can do bank transfers and get their winnings transferred into their accounts immediately. No more waiting around for checks in the mail.

With Trustly integrated, PayNearMe is now offering players many options — cash, cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay. You name it. Funding accounts happens in real-time, too, so no need to keep entering all those long account numbers. It’s a very good deal.

PayNearMe executive Michael Kaplan is excited, saying: “We want to give our clients one easy payments solution that has it all — everything they need. Teaming up with a top company like Trustly for sports betting keeps us ready for the future, you know what I’m saying? Clients get a solid deposit option that protects their cash flow, and players get their money fast. It’s mutually beneficial.”

Trustly’s Frederick Crosby is also enthusiastic, adding: “We enjoy working with PayNearMe because they understand how important fast payments are. This partnership enables smooth transactions for operators and instant payouts for thrilled players. Open Banking is only expanding, and we look forward to growing this partnership.”

Author - Cole Smith

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