The fintech crypto company Payhound has partnered with LSports to offer some new payment solutions. For those unaware, LSports provides sports data to major sports betting companies.

So what’s happening here? Payhound is going to improve LSports’ payment systems to make it much easier for their clients to pay. We’re talking fast, secure 24/7 transactions thanks to Payhound’s crypto technology. Founded in 2018, they made it their goal to make crypto transfers as smooth as traditional bank wires.

An LSports spokesperson explained: “Partnering with Payhound is a big strategic move for our global business. With their systems handling our payments, we can provide data even faster to our clients worldwide.”

Payhound CEO Elton Dimech added: “We’re excited to work with the LSports team. Our technology allows instant payments, instant conversion of crypto to cash, and keeps their operations running smoothly. This is just the start — we plan to be their go-to crypto partners long-term.”

This also isn’t Payhound’s first major partnership — earlier this year, they teamed up with NuxGame, so players could utilize LSports’ cutting-edge sports betting platforms. Two big partnerships in one year! LSports is making waves right now, no question.

Author - Cole Smith

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