The world of iGaming is being reimagined, with leading operator Macao Win partnering with OKTO, a premier digital payments service provider. This groundbreaking collaboration will introduce a novel e-voucher cash payment service, charting a new course in the gambling industry.

In line with this strategic partnership, Macao Win will incorporate the use of OKTO's innovative payment mechanism, OKTO.CASH, allowing its users to avail a seamless and efficient top-up solution. The initiative facilitates users to instantly recharge their accounts using cash via an expanding network of point-of-sale systems.

Roberto del Pozzo, the Product and Operations Director at Macao Win, spoke highly of the collaboration, stating that OKTO's bespoke payment method caters perfectly to the needs of the market. The e-cash payment service they offer is without comparison in the gaming sector, and they are thrilled to offer a top-up service that is user-friendly and convenient to their users.

He noticed that their relationship with OKTO is built on mutual trust and integrity. The decision to partner with them was driven by their commitment to users who prefer the traditional route of cash transactions while also engaging in online gaming.

This venture with OKTO is set to revolutionize the gaming experience for users, providing a reliable, easy, and secure way to instantly top up their online accounts.

Author - Cole Smith

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