Okto.Cash, a payment service from Okto, has just launched in India, starting in smaller cities but with plans to blow up big time across the country. They want to bring digital payments to the estimated 100,000 stores signed up so far, with a goal of having their service in a crazy 400,000 more shops in the future.

Clearly they see India as the next big thing, following other companies like Fun88 who recently moved into the market too. India is hot right now and everyone wants a piece of that action.

Okto’s Chief Distribution Dude, Björn Katerbau, gave the comment about the move: “This matches our commitment to providing awesome payment solutions everywhere they’re needed. We want to empower merchants to accept the latest digital payment options, which attracts more customers for them and for us.”

This isn’t Okto’s first global expansion play. Last October, they bought a company called Flexia to beef up their North America presence. They also launched services in Italy with Macao Win and in Greece with Betsson earlier this year.

Author - Cole Smith

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