A gaming company called NuxGame has partnered with Changelly, which is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Basically, NuxGame has these great gaming platforms where you can win cryptocurrency prizes and such. Pretty cool, isn’t it? But some new players were having trouble figuring out how to purchase cryptocurrencies to deposit and play. It was negatively impacting their experience.

So NuxGame brought in Changelly, so players can deposit regular currencies — dollars, euros, whatever — and Changelly converts it in the background. This way, players don’t have to worry about cryptocurrency deposits. They just play and collect their cryptocurrency winnings. Over 200 different currencies can now flow through this platform thanks to Changelly.

NuxGame’s leader Dmitry said “We’re always improving the NuxGame platform to make it more user-friendly and adaptable. By integrating Changelly’s conversion technology, we give players more freedom to just enjoy the games.”

Author - Cole Smith

Editor-in-chief and creator Cole Smith of casinocurrencies.com, has extensive experience with casino payment systems, The site was created to provide an honest and trustworthy resource for online gambling players.

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