Discussing the evolving landscape of crypto gaming, industry experts are highlighting the crucial need for gaming tokens to offer genuine utility beyond mere incentives. Sébastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox, emphasized this point during a conversation at the NFT Paris conference. He pointed out that gamers are seeking more from gaming tokens than just their speculative value—they are looking for practical applications within the games themselves.

This sentiment is echoed by figures such as Robby Yung of Animoca Brands, Aleksander Larsen from Sky Mavis, and Roham Gharegozlou of Dapper Labs, who all agree on the necessity of enhancing token utility to sustain player engagement. Gharegozlou, in particular, discussed the importance of giving players ownership over their in-game assets and the potential for tokens to integrate into broader ecosystems, including decentralized finance.

Yung introduced the concept of an intermediary stage that could facilitate value transfer between games, suggesting fungible tokens to achieve some level of interoperability among different gaming platforms.

These discussions underline a shift in focus within the crypto gaming industry, from solely economic considerations to creating a more engaging and valuable gaming experience through real utility. This trend is not limited to gaming; it is also becoming increasingly relevant in the sports sector with the rise of fan tokens, which enhance fan engagement and participation in club decision-making processes.

Author - Cole Smith

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