The new crypto betting site Dexsport collaborated with Bitlocus. Bitlocus squad rolls deep on the Binance Smart Chain. They got a cryptocurrency for all your trading and payment needs, Moreover, the company got the EU stamp of approval, so you know they’re keeping everything above board. Makes it easier for them to slap their tech onto other crypto projects, too.

They got their own coin too — BTL. That’s like the special money that makes everything run smoothly in their world. Use it to access all their prime services and features. More activity on the platform means more BTL for users, too, so that’s a nice incentive to get involved.

Furthermore, the company got a VIP rewards program for their top ballers. More trades and engagement means more rewards. We’re talking bonus coins and discounts. The more you grind, the more bonuses you unlock too — pretty deal.

Author - Cole Smith

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