Over the past week, CoinsPaid embarked on an arduous journey to mitigate the damaging effects of the recent hack, striving to restore a safe and secure platform for their merchants.

The malicious attack led to a temporary disruption of their services, which lasted for two days, and caused a dent in CoinsPaid's operational reserves. However, customer funds remained unscathed. We have effectively processed all pending payment requests, manually overseeing the transition to a newly established, highly secure environment.

The swift migration of their digital services to a fortified environment underpins their commitment to security. With strict controls on personnel access and internal interconnections, network communication is restricted to specific source/destination and port. The new setup is entirely isolated from external access.

CoinsPaid has been implementing comprehensive internal audits on all operational levels, from access rights to inter-service network communications. Furthermore, they are exploring partnerships with the world's foremost cybersecurity firms to bolster defenses.

Max Krupyshev, CoinsPaid CEO, said that he considers this a learning curve. They're advancing and making security their top concern. To that end, they've kickstarted talks with global cybersecurity audit giants.

CoinsPaid has successfully recouped 80% of our transaction volumes to pre-attack levels.

Author - Cole Smith

Editor-in-chief and creator Cole Smith of casinocurrencies.com, has extensive experience with casino payment systems, The site was created to provide an honest and trustworthy resource for online gambling players.

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