Isle of Man-based Bitblox Games has announced its commitment to create blockchain-enabled games designed to augment interaction levels for digital gambling operators.

The company is dedicated to developing specialized crypto games leveraging the infrastructure of Hxro Network – a Solana-driven distributed liquidity layer tailored for betting applications' requirements.

The global online gambling industry, valued at an estimated $68 billion, is set to witness an influx of dedicated crypto games. BitBlox Games is proud to lead this charge, as they believe they are the first to offer a comprehensive blockchain-gaming experience to the digital gambling sector. This bold step will be powered by Hxro Network, which is set to facilitate a collection of on-chain games soon.

The venture of BitBlox Games into the virtual gambling arena could potentially impact the Solana ecosystem, particularly the Hxro Network. The co-founder of the company, Dan Gunsberg, expressed excitement, stating that BitBlox's entry signifies the arrival of the online gambling sector in the Web3 era.

BitBlox's games aim to empower digital gambling operators to provide a more diverse range of solutions, introducing their customers to innovative ways to play and unparalleled products to discover.

Author - Cole Smith

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