0xCocobet Tokens Join Flooz DeFi

The crypto community is abuzz as $COCO tokens officially join the Flooz DeFi exchange, cementing a crucial collaboration between two top-rated companies. With a notable market capitalization of approximately $3.05 million, the $COCO token, deeply connected with the vibrant crypto gambling realm of 0xCocobets, takes center stage.

Liquidity for $COCO tokens stands strong, surpassing $150,000. Enthusiasts can now effortlessly track real-time trades and delve into the top 10 token holders through Flooz's dedicated portal, gaining valuable insights.

The partnership introduces an exciting facet, allowing users to acquire $COCO tokens using fiat currency. Moreover, the innovative Flooz Checkout feature diversifies options, enabling seamless token acquisition with various fiat currencies and across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon networks.

In 2023, the Flooz App remains a cornerstone for crypto enthusiasts, providing access to over 180,000 supported cryptocurrencies on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. Operating under a noncustodial wallet model, Flooz empowers users with maximum control over digital assets, mitigating centralized custody risks.

Recent strides include the integration of a sportsbook, enabling $COCO token use in bets for UFC 292, with earnings redistributed among holders. Another highlight is the launch of Degen Horse Racing, inviting users to wager on virtual horse contenders.

The inauguration of Degen Horse Racing on August 5 garnered significant attention, coupled with a $31,583 allocation for distribution among token holders. Anticipating heightened thrill, the platform plans its inaugural lottery, elevating user engagement.

Amid these milestones, 0xCocobets initiated a revenue-sharing program, offering weekly passive income for holders possessing a minimum of 50,000 $COCO tokens in their web3 wallets. This strategic move further solidifies the bond between the platform and its dedicated community, echoing the spirit of innovation driving the crypto gambling sector.

Author - Cole Smith

Editor-in-chief and creator Cole Smith of casinocurrencies.com, has extensive experience with casino payment systems, The site was created to provide an honest and trustworthy resource for online gambling players.

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